Convert Your Syt

With Convert Your Syt, you can keep what you love about your website and leave what you don’t!

If you’re the type of person who loves to DIY, you might have decided to take the same approach with your website. And it worked. Until it didn’t. And now you’re ready for something new.

But how to move forward from here? How do you keep what you love and leave the rest? That’s where we come in!

With our Convert Your Syt package, we’ll take your current design and convert it to a new website using the Divi theme. We can streamline your site’s function (for example, by adding a scheduler to simplify your booking process) and suggest any minor tweaks that could upgrade your current design.  The project cost & timeline will depend on the amount of content & complexity of the design, but most projects can be finished within 2 weeks and will cost between $400 – $800.

The icing on the cake? Since all of our websites are built on the Divi theme, your website can grow and change as your business does. Now that’s freedom from tech stress!

Ready to get your new website up and running? Let us help you put this important puzzle piece in place for you.

Investment for this package ranges from $400 - $800.

Ready to get started?

Lily and Patricia did amazing work. Our website went from “hmm” to “wow” in two weeks. They did everything while I was out of the office and saved me money on hosting as well. I couldn’t ask for more!

Pat Gleeson

Founder, Persevere

The Package

3 High Res Images from Adobe Stock

2 Project Meetings (30 mins each)

Five Page WordPress Website

What You’re Getting

A site that represents who you are and reflects the value you offer your clients. Picture yourself sending your prospective clients to your site, knowing it makes a great first impression.

A great selling tool for your services. Now you can confidently pitch to your ideal clients since they can see your offerings in black and white (and whatever custom colors you choose) on your site.

Time to work on your business instead of spending hours trying to nail your website design. You’ll get back hours that you can use to work with all the new clients you’ve signed.

Investment for this package ranges from $400 - $800.

Ready to get started?