Disclaimer: These are only a handful of the sites we’ve worked on. Because clients are able to (and encouraged!) to make changes to their website once it goes live, we find that it’s best  only to include the sites we currently manage.

“These, repeat, these women are the best for website design, development, and implementation.”

Lily and Patricia are uniquely positioned to help YOU, regardless of your knowledge or previous IT experience. They are patient, and they are knowledgeable. They are willing to listen before launching into their ideas for a project. I not only used them for my own website but referred them to an organization where I sit on the Board of Directors. After the appropriate folks had a conversation with a well-prepared Lily and Patricia, the entire group was so enthusiastic about how these women’s ideas so clearly corresponded with our needs as they had done their homework about us while also listening. Finally, when an unanticipated glitch hit my website Friday, they dealt with it swiftly and without any hesitation. I have yet to find them late on anything. They now help me with maintenance, for which I am so relieved.
– Cynthia Watson


“Their constant support and attention is absolutely priceless.”

Syt Launch was instrumental in our extensive website rebrand – they were always fast to respond and got our site up and running in no time at all! Their constant support and attention is absolutely priceless! Would recommend them highly!  

Kris da Silva


“Every time I click on my website, it makes me smile! I’m thrilled and love my website!”

Syt Launch offers amazing customer service and they are extremely professional and responsive. A dynamic duo who will guide you through making what works for YOU! Every time I click on my website, it makes me smile! I’m thrilled and love my website! I couldn’t ask for more – I highly recommend them!! Thank you, Lily and Patricia.
– Vince Loran


“I can always count on a quality website that delivers on the professional and beautiful image I want to convey to potential clients.”

My favorite techy twins strike again! When the pandemic hit, I had to shut down my business and was unable to open for 3 years. That meant returning was like starting over. Thankfully I knew just who to help me. Syt Launch did not disappoint! They helped me re-create my online brand quickly and easily with very little effort on my part. I can always count on a quality website that delivers the professional and beautiful image I want to convey to potential clients. Their patience and customer service are unparalleled, and something I have noticed is missing in many interactions. Syt Launch helped me when I was a baby entrepreneur and never made me feel bad for the atrocious attempt on my DIY site. Almost a decade later, they are still who I trust as a seasoned business owner. 10/10, Highly recommend!

– Priscilla Davis


“Working with Lily & Patricia has been more than I could have ever expected from a customer service standpoint.”

I had 2 sites built, and the speed, responsiveness, and professionalism that I experienced were more than I could have asked for! I will forever work with Patricia & Syt Launch and recommend anyone who needs a site built to do the same.
– Manny Rothmiller


“As our nonprofit organization has evolved and grown, they have been very responsive to changing the website and meeting the new requirements!”

I enthusiastically endorse Lily and Patricia of Syt Launch for all of your web design and maintenance needs! I founded a nonprofit organization approximately 14 months ago, and one of our first and best decisions was to ask them to help create a website for the organization. They are true professionals, and they helped our nonprofit organization create an expert-quality website at an extremely affordable rate. We discussed the initial ideas that I had in mind, and they led me through their design process to create a website that met all of those needs. As our nonprofit organization has evolved and grown, they have been very responsive to changing the website and meeting the new requirements! Thank you, Lily and Patricia, for creating a professional website for our nonprofit!

– John Schwartz


I found Lily (Syt Biz) on LinkedIn. I had been searching around for a website designer to give my website a new look. I originally figured I would try to do it myself. What I ended up with was a website that I was embarrassed to promote. Lily was extremely responsive the entire time, very open to what I was looking for, and, most of all, delivered a website I LOVED. All of my questions were answered. I highly recommend it!

Cassie-Rebecca Schwartz

Founder, Deadline Accounting

Today, my second website with Syt Biz went live, and I absolutely love it. Working with Lily & Patricia has been wonderful both times. My business partner and I used their Syt in a Week plan, chose a template, filled out the information form, decided on a start date and then worked their magic. It was an easy process since the form laid out exactly what was needed to publish the website and they were very patient with us gathering our thoughts and photos. I have and will continue to recommend Lily and Patricia’s business, Syt Biz, to create websites for my family, friends, and acquaintances alike.

Jackie Crowley Oehlschlager

Journey Through Education

Lily has been fantastic to work with. Our nonprofit organization @K9sServingVets was looking for something better than the design company we were with, and we certainly found it with Lily and Syt Launch! Our organization is so grateful to have been referred to her by Trey Tatro. Right out of the gate, it was clear that Lily and Patricia were committed to understanding what we do, how we help Veterans, and how we want to convey that through our website. It’s great to have a consultant create a great product, but having that consultant take the time to understand your business so that they can deliver exactly what you’re looking for is outstanding. We have received countless compliments on the site. Veterans and military spouses working together to support our heroes is a great combination!

Kira Clark

Founder & Executive Director, K9s Serving Vets