As we approach our 7th anniversary with our passion project, we’ve been thinking about the ways we can increase our impact within the military community.

In the past we’ve partnered with Hire Our Heroes to provide career counseling to veterans and military spouses, and found that we really enjoyed the process. We thought about how to integrate mentoring services into our offers so that we can engage more with our clients and provide them with the additional support they may need on their entrepreneurial journey.

We’ve been thinking about expanding our services for awhile but we weren’t quite sure what it would look like, so in the meantime we welcomed other opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs and figure out what that support could look like. Two years ago we connected with Adam Cole of Join The Journey and Patricia became a Spark Coach. Her experience in helping women entrepreneurs in Africa has confirmed our desire to launch our mentoring services in 2022. I’m sure our vision for the program will evolve in time but we’re ready to get things up and running!

In April we will be relaunching Crash Course to Start Your Business: MilSpouse Edition. A limited number of students within the first live round will receive mentoring services for free! For more information, visit

Patricia is a really dynamic and engaging mentor who speaks from the heart! We have been blessed to have her as a Spark Coach for nearly two years. She brings experience as a mom and business owner to the table when she mentors others. She is an example of determination, pivoting, and never giving up. Her business experience speaks for itself with the success of her own business. The entrepreneurs in our program consistently leave feeling uplifted and enlightened. We are grateful for her!

Adam Cole

Founder/Executive Director, Join the Journey