3 Lies You Might Be Telling Yourself About Running A Small Business

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3 Lies You Might Be Telling Yourself About Running A Small Business

I can do it all by myself. – When you’re a mom AND a business owner, you’re used to never ending to do lists. Used to helping everyone, doing everything, and not asking for help. The problem is that if you take this same approach in your business, you’re basically guaranteed to burn out. As a entrepreneur, it’s important to acknowledge that there are only so many hours in a day and that eventually, you will need to get help. In our own lives we’ve decided to make it a priority to get extra support in our business so that we can continue to put our families first. After all, that’s why we decided to go into business for ourselves.

It’s too hard to get help. – Many entrepreneurs think that it’s too difficult to get help. It’s hard to find the right person. Hard to train that person. Hard to start handing things over and trusting someone else with your baby aka your business. You get so overwhelmed with the details that you don’t even bother to get started. Trust us, we’ve been there done that. The problem is that if you don’t take the first move, things will always stay the same. Then 6 months later you’ll still be in the same position, except that you’ll be more tired and possibly ready to call it quits on your business. You don’t have to hire a full team before you’re ready. But if you’re constantly overwhelmed it might be time to start looking at how you can get more help with your to do list even if it’s just a virtual assistant for a couple of hours a week to start with.

It comes so easily to everyone else. – It’s so easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the internet and forget that you don’t get to see the whole picture. Of course, that’s not to say people are intentionally deceiving you, but I think it’s in most people’s nature to share the good more than the bad, especially when it comes to their business. When you start to feel down because it feels like everyone else has it all figured out, stop and remind yourself that you’re probably seeing their highlight reel.

When you lay it out like that it seems pretty obvious but when you’re constantly on the move and trying to juggle all the things, it’s easy to miss the bigger picture. So take some time to slow down and re-evaluate your situation. Where can you streamline and automate your business so you can have more time to do the things that matter? Whether that’s contacting prospective clients or having a family movie night. What kind of help can you bring on to free up some brain space?

Because you can do it all, but not at the same time, so get the help you need and get back to chasing your dreams!  

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